For training

Children’s Books in Braille

The books are made with a three-dimensional image that helps blind children to perceive the world better. There are no analogues of such books at the market.

Educational soft cubes

Cubes "Alphabet", "Numbers" will help to teach the child in the format of an interesting game.

For swimming

Sponge toys (material – polyurethane foam)

These are baby sponges with the help of which you can not only bathe a child, but also play games and develop fine motor skills. It is possible to produce the sponges according to your models.

Bath Visor

The visor protects from water and shampoo and turns the bathing process into a pleasant one for the child.
The products made from the EVA material are elastic, resilient and have excellent shock-absorbing properties.

For development


Puzzles help to develop logic and motor skills of the child

Soft watch

They help the child learn to understand time, and also serve as a puzzle.

For games

Tracks for radio-controlled cars

The tracks consist of modules. This variant perfectly suits for developmental centers and kindergartens, as well as comprises a great idea for adults and children to play at home.

Theatre and fairy tale characters

There are different variations of children's tales. This format contributes to the development of speech and imagination of the child. Translates the format of fairy tales to the child in the game.

Textile products

Gift pillows

The pillows are decorated with an image using a unique method that is not erased. The fabric structure also differs from the analogues and is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Gift blankets

The blanket retains heat very well, not only in the dry state, but also in the moist one.
The material passes air. The blankets are decorated with an image using a unique method that is not erased.

For sleep

Orthopedic mattress

It is created on innovative technology at which the set of independent springs is created. Repeats the shape of the body and reduces tension during sleep.